Not-so-Jubbly Line

I’m beginning to enjoy transport in London almost as much as Richard. Got to Waterloo this morning to find that once again, the Jubilee line entrance was closed - this happened last Monday too. Not being a fan of taking replacement buses and braving the crowds with two large bags half-way across London, I copped out and got a taxi.

But what’s going on here? And why are TfL incapable of communicating with me when it does?


The thing that amuses me is the whole game whereby SWT cheerfully announce that there are no reported delays on the Tube as the train pulls in to Waterloo... and moments later, you find that there are, indeed, delays and closures on the Tube. What is the point?
That's very true - and thanks for the link.
:-) Taxi sounds like the right idea. A colleague once said to me, when I pointed out how I would always take the tube, that a day off with a bad back would cost the company more than the cost of an occasional taxi when I had a heavy bag to carry. He was right and I've followed his advice ever since. (Although it's less relevant now that I don't do week-long engagements) As for the ever-wonderful TfL, they do offer a semi-useful (and free) SMS service. If you'll be using a particular route regularly then it might be worth signing up: