Applications Of Queueing Theory

Queueing Theory has a wide range of applications, and this section is designed to give an illustration of some of these.  It has been divided into 3 main sections, Traffic Flow, Scheduling and Facility Design and Employee Allocation.  The given examples are certainly not the only applications where queuing theory can be put to good use, some other examples of areas that queueing theory is used are also given.
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Traffic Flow

This is concerned with the flow of objects around a network, avoiding congestion and trying to maintain a steady flow, in all directions.


Facility Design and Employee Management

Some Other Examples

  1. Design of a garage forecourt
  2. Airports - runway layout, luggage collection, shops, passport control etc.
  3. Hair dressers
  4. Supermarkets
  5. Restaurants
  6. Manufacturing processes
  7. Bus scheduling
  8. Hospital appointment bookings
  9. Printer queues
  10. Minimising page faults in computing

Henry Morgan, 14 June 1999